AEM 101 Overview

by Jimmy Lv


  • Part 1: AEM Overview
    • AEM 在 Adobe 中的地位
    • AEM 是什么?业务价值 👏
    • AEM 的历史,顺带解释 Day 公司的贡献
  • Part 2: AEM Functionality Preview
    • 从使用端来讲,拖拖拽拽
    • 从角色分工来讲
  • Part 3: AEM 背后实现原理的相关概念
  • One more things...
    • 自己的想法,学习总结
    • Learning RoadMap

Part 1: AEM Overview

What? & Why? & How? & Question?

How's Your Customer Experience?

Adobe Marketing Cloud

We’re a Leader. And here’s why.

AEM in Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Experience Manager

AEM is a comprehensive content management solution for building websites, mobile apps, and forms. And it makes it easy to manage your marketing content and assets.

Product history of Adobe CQ

Date | Product
---- | ----------
2002 | Day CQ 3.5
2005 | Day CQ 4.0
2006 | Day CQ 4.1
2008 | Day CQ 4.2
2008 | Day CQ 5.0
2009 | Day CQ 5.2
2010 | Day CQ 5.3
2011 | Adobe CQ 5.4
2012 | Adobe CQ 5.5
2013 | Adobe Experience Manager 5.6
2014 | Adobe Experience Manager 6.0
2015 | Adobe Experience Manager 6.1
2016 | Adobe Experience Manager 6.2

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前身:CQ5 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CQ5 or Communique5 (renamed as Adobe Experience Manager) is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) designed to enable users (mainly marketers and IT professionals) to create, edit, manage and optimize websites across different digital channels such as web, mobile, social and more.

Day Software

  • 收购!Adobe acquires Day Software, a market leader in next-generation web content management (WCM), was an enterprise content management software company.
  • Roy T. Fielding 是 Day Software's chief scientist,现在是 Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe Systems,在 Adobe 继续担任首席科学家,所以才有了 REST in AEM 这个演讲。
  • Day is engaged in the Java Content Repository API for Java standardization process and contributes to open source software projects such as Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Sling.

Part 2: AEM Functionality Preview



角色分工 之 Content Editor

页面编辑 ( 拖拖拽拽 )

Touch UI Customizations

组件 构成 页面

角色分工 之 PIM Editor


角色分工 之 Componets Developer

Part 3: Magic Behind AEM

Rio Olympics: 'Welcome to hell'

An author in WCM generates the material which will, at some point, be published to your website. When ready, the content is published to the publish environment.



  1. Web Application Server: 可以单独集成 Jetty web server,也可以用于第三方
  2. Web Application Framework: 简化 RESTful 面向对象的 Web 应用,即内容优先
  3. Content Repository: AEM 引入了 JCR,用于处理非结构化或半结构化的数据;不仅包含内容,还有相关代码、模板等所有内部数据

Adobe Experience Manager is a web-based client-server system for building, managing and deploying commercial websites and related services. It combines a number of infrastructure-level and application-level functions into a single integrated package.

OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative)

OSGi - 维基百科,自由的百科全书:一个基于 Java 语言的服务(业务)规范——OSGi 服务平台(Service Platform)。


OSGi 的作用在于 Runtime,之所以为动态模块加载,用于管理复杂度,并可以动态扩展其依赖。(类 JavaScript 的 Require.js ?) 该规范和核心部分是一个框架,其中定义了应用程序的生命周期模式和服务注册。基于这个框架定义了大量的 OSGi 服务:日志、配置管理、偏好,HTTP(运行 servlet)、XML 分析、设备访问、软件包管理、许可管理、星级、用户管理、IO 连接、连线管理、Jini 和 UPnP。


CRX is short for Content Repository eXtreme, Day's JCR-compliant repository. CRX allows you to store, manage, and access data using a standardized Java interface.

Sling 背后靠着 CRX 吃饭

Sling & REST

做一个照片 CMS

Sling 背后靠着 CRX 吃饭:

对比传统 Controller,直接对应 JCR 节点,并且包含相关信息。

URI Decomposition

From URL to Content and Scripts

One more thing...